Sierra Whiskey

Exclusive San Francisco and San Jose Escort

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General Review
Easy to set something up through email. She made it easy. A couple back and forth and we are set. She came close by, and I met her at hotel. Easy to be with from the first smile. She has a great sense for when to go slow, and when to speed things up. Not very tall at all, small in all the right ways. Looks better than her pictures. Don't hesitate. She's a bundle of fun. I have repeated, and would continue if she wasn't moving out of the area.
Detailed Review
Hi, how are you, and a gorgeous smile. You want to chit chat, there will be some chit chat. You want a big kiss, and her to take your clothes off for you, she just knows. I met her more than once. I like to kiss, and enjoy the eye candy. She picked up on this in no time, turns around and bends over with those high heels on, and I'm seeing a sexy naked little ass and cute little pussy under that short skirt. Some prancing and smiling, and now I'm smiling ear to ear. She is very sexy to look at, and that smile and those eyes will get you pretty quick. I start to unbutton my shirt, but she says no, she will take care of that... Then sits back down in front of me, spreads her legs, rubs that pussy, and then slides her top down so I can see her rub those DDs. The pants come off next, and a BBBJ is on. I have to taste that pretty little pussy, so I take her over to the desk and sit her on it, and I sit in the chair. She puts her feet up on the desk, sits back and enjoys. She's only 4'2", so putting her up on a desk and doing this is easy. At this point, I'm having so much fun I can't hardly stand it. I take her down from the desk, give her kiss, and we move to the bed while she sheds that top and the heels. We both agree the little skirt needs to stay on. More BBBJ, and then she slides on a condom and is on top of me. I switch and give her a kiss. I'm very tall, but somehow we fit together in this position too. I'm no athlete, so it's not long before I'm back on my back again, and she has that condom off and more BBBJ before I even find a pillow. She reaches down and starts rubbing her pussy. I'm not sure which one of us is having more fun at this point. Sexy as she can be. It was obvious before long that pussy was dripping wet, and my cock is getting sucked deeper and faster. I've got my breath back, so I ask her to put another condom on and get her into doggie. That pussy is wet and ready, so I just go for it. Her hand is back on that clit, and I'm not sure who's having more fun again. I hold up better this time, but run out of breath again after awhile. Same move. Off with the condom, BBBJ. She starts using her hand, and I just lay back and enjoy. You can tell, she was not in a hurry. Just take your time and enjoy. After a while, I tell her to let me help, so she sits back, spreads her legs, smiles at me and starts rubbing her pussy while I stroke my own cock a little. She looks about as sexy as she can look, and she works that pussy up soaking wet again. I can't take it, so I get her back on my cock, and she finishes me off. A big mouthful, and she licked up and cleaned up just to make sure she didn't miss anything. We lay together and talk for a while. She convinces me she had a lot of fun, and it's easy to believe. She's moving out of the area. I really hate to see her go. I enjoy spending time with her. A LOT !!