Sierra Whiskey

Exclusive San Francisco and San Jose Escort

General Review
Met Sierra in Richmond after viewing her profile and reviews. Contact was easy with e-mail and after the screening the date was set. Standard 2 call. Met her a a mid range hotel for a morning call. A very exotic( heritage from India) and beautiful petite brunette answered the door wearing a low cut 1/4 sleeve pull over that showed her gorgous nipples and inviting cleavage. That topped a very short skirt, visible garter holding up black lace hose and ankle length high heeled boots. Guys, this is a very clean and sexy upscale provider that delivers with a sweet touch and a happy attitude. She truly loves sex and gets into it. No faking. You don't want to miss her if you are in to exoctic beauties. Treat her tenderly and she will respond beyond you wildest dreams.
Detailed Review
She is the girl in the pictures and that is why I chose her. I wanted to find the most beautiful, petite, sexy woman available and I did. Upon entering the room we sat on opposite beds facing each other making small talk for a few minutes to break the ice and calm the nerves. I excused myself to the bathroom to drop the payment. When I returned I sat again and told her how beautiful she was as I caressed her body with my eyes. I had asked her not to wear perfume as I like the true essence of a beautiful woman. I asked if I could hold her, and we both stood and she came into my arms. I brushed her long hair from her neck and gently ran my lips and nose along the base of her neck up to the bottom of her ear where I lightly kissed her. I could feel her release as she relaxed into my chest and arms, surrendering herself to me. We held that for moments as I continued to smell her fresh body and feel the baby soft skin. I held her close and moved my lips up her neck again, this time along her jaw till our lips met and we sensually kissed..I ran both hands down the tenderloins of her back feeling her tight figure and discovered a bare, barely plump, round ass. She told me she was naughty!.... She then stepped back and began to display her goods, rubbing her tits and exposing them. She has the most enchanting perfectly round, brown nipples. She turned and slightly bent over to display her ass and compact, pierced pussy. That was all it took. I guided her to her back on the edge of the bed and spread her legs to reveal the most perfect, little round, brown, pussy that I have ever seen gents; and I've seen many, The perfect, semi-circle twin lips are pierced with tiny rings. I touched it and it was soaking wet! My desire to smell and taste this juicy beauty overwhelmed me and I plunged my face into this perfect garden of pleasure and gently licked up the juices. This is one hot woman. She seemed to really enjoy my oral advances. Her pussy is made for oral pleasure.. The perfect lips embrace your lips and tounge. I inhaled the aroma of her essence..I pulled the rings on her lips with mine and plunged my tounge and sucked her clit. She responded with some moans and talk and squirms of pleasure. I was rewarded with an O and some girl cum which was quickly licked up and used for lube and a tight thigh squeeze to my head . This is a perfect pussy that is attached to a beautiful, exotic, goddess that needs to be properly serviced. Do your best my friends, you Will be rewarded! She returned the favor by sensously attacking me with skilled oral pleasure as I stood by the bed, while making eye contact and telling me how she loved to suck cock.. and made me believe it! At some point in this bliss, we had shed our clothes. Her in her garter, hose, and boots and me with my sox. We turned and I sat on the bed and she straddled me on my lap and we passionately and deeply kissed. I picked her petite ass up and gently laided he on the bed, pushing her knees to her ears and diving in for another taste from the fountain. After a finger stimluation of her G as she manipulated her clit, and another O, She asked if I wanted to get inside her pussy... Oh my!!!! I rolled over and she proceded to orally get me ready for the condom and I asked for CG. I didn't last that long.... I told her to finish me off with her mouth, and she said yes, I will take your cum!! The tounge stud and the oral skill drove me to clench her petite hand and wrist so hard I hope I didn't hurt her. My O was more intense than I can remember. At least the best in years. Made an ol' fellow feel 20. I pulled her up to me to lay and experience the after glow.... breathing her essence and absorbing her warm and inviting body. She praised my oral skills and the taste of my cum. And alot of it she said. Had to swallow more than once! so much more there to experience!