Sierra Whiskey

Exclusive San Francisco and San Jose Escort

You can probably tell, I'm always keen to get on with the fun stuff, but there's some housekeeping we have to take care of first! Any good excort will need to 'screen' you before meeting you. That means confirming who you are and checking any record with previous providers.The best way for both you and me is to use one of the following verification services listed below. The free trial with both companies is only if you have previously met at least two providers who are already part of the network and can verify that you met.

Preferred 411 is $129/year, not too bad compared to the cost of meeting a provider several times per year, just think of it as the cost of a "license to have fun!" :-)

If you do not have any previous references and have to pay for a new preferred411, send me an email to confirm you paid, and I'll reduce my fee by $25 when we meet! Otherwise, I may be able to accept references directly from other providers, if you email me their contact details, your contact details and when and where you met.

But...I would really prefer you use one of the verification services, there are way more fun things we could be doing with our time ;-)